Enterprise Applications and the WAMU Ad

I was just watching the ad about Washington Mutual where a bunch of people in black suits and gray/white hair keep talking about charging for every little service and keep making fun about giving services for free. Though I have no idea how much the CXOs of WAMU make and how the company makes money or if they are charging just the right price for their services, the ad in itself is striking. The fact that all the people who laugh at the idea of making some services free are all gray haired probably indicates the thought process of the older generation and the current generation.

So, I was trying to extrapolate the same idea to my familiar territory, enterprise software applications. Recently I happened to stumble upon an open source procurement application company http://www.coupa.com/aboutus.html which consists of only 4 people with a decent application. Contrast this with companies like Oracle and SAP and the number of people.

So, if you go and tell the VPs and Directors of these large companies that the future of applications software is open source (or companies that are lean and offer much cheaper products), they will probably be as much cynical as those in the WAMU ad.

Doing more research on open source startups and found some books on Open Source as well.

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