Google’s PageRank, Amazon’s TrafficRank, LinkInCount

We all know Google’s PageRank plays a key role in the results displayed on the page. However, based on my research, there is no legal way to query up the page rank of a website. Google doesn’t provide a webservice for this.

Today, I came across an Icon displayed on a website that displayed the TrafficRank of that site.
Clicking the link

took me to Amazon where I could see the traffic rank of the website.

After a bit of research, found that Amazon’s webservices provides the TrafficRank and LinkInCount (sort of what PageRank does), and other useful information about a website via WebService interface. They also have sample code in various languages.

Note that most of Amazon’s web services are not free but many of them are reasonbly priced. For example, the UrlInfo webservice which provides the above info is free for the first 10,000 requests per month and currently charging a mere $0.15/1,000 requests there after.

Anyway, I think with Amazon’s service, there is atleast a legal way of obtaining the popularity of a website.



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3 responses to “Google’s PageRank, Amazon’s TrafficRank, LinkInCount

  1. I am in fact thankful to the owner of this web page who has shared this great post at here.

  2. Sladké blog! Našiel som ho, keď hľadania na Yahoo News.
    Máte nejaké tipy návrhy na to, ako sa dostať uvedené v Yahoo News?
    Snažilsom sa na chvíľu, aale nikdy mi zdá, že sa tam dostať!
    Na zdravie

  3. Ahoj Myslím, že i píla si navštívil môj webové stránky tak i prišiel nna späť túžba Som ?.
    snaží ssa nájdete Problémy na zlepšenie mojej webovej stránky Predpokladám, !
    jeho ôk využívať pár z nápady !!

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