OneBox, OneField, OneBrowser

When I understood why Google’s OneBox was named as “One Box”, I thought that was a smart name. But then, today I came to know a similar concept in Firefox’s Bookmarks.

The best way to keep knowing a lot of English is by constantly using dictionary. In the olden days it was painful using the book dictionary to find the meaning. Ofcourse, weighted binary search helped speed it up, but still painful.

The best way to keep the kids use their comptuer time, is to hook them up to the electronic dictionary. So, anytime they need to know the meaning of a word, they just have to walk up to the desktop/laptop and fire up the search.

How to make this search as simple and painless? That’s where Firefox’s bookmarks come into picture.

Just open the bookmarks menu, manage bookmarks, new bookmark, then

1. Enter name (Dictionary)
2. Location (
3. Keyword (d)
4. Description (Searches dictionary)

That’s it. Now in the browser’s url, just type “d serendipity” and there you go! Happy learning.

Anyway, don’t know if OneBox came after Firefox’s idea or the other way. Both are one and the same conceptually. There is one and only one box (the text field where you type in url , search word etc). And that’s all that’s needed to get all the info!

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